Astra specialist in truck seats, buses and machinery in general.

A ASTRA Banks It was founded in 1996. Born from a great partnership with the German company ISRINGHAUSEN, world leader in automotive manufacturer seats. Today present in brands like: Volvo, Scania, Mercedes, MAN, Iveco, Fiat, Ford, Comil, Marcopolo, etc.

currently, a ASTRA Banks is an authorized distributor ISRINGHAUSEN. Responsible for servicing the seat and parts replacement market nationwide. Counting on the partnership of numerous points of resale and services with qualified labor.

Attentive to market requirements, since 2004, has its Quality Management System certified by the ISO standard 9001. It has an administrative management performed through the SAP Business One ® System.

Its seats have the highest demands for safety and ergonomics and provide a high level of comfort to users.

Throughout its history, a ASTRA Banks also developed technology and consolidated its own brand of seats and accessories for special operations and heavy segments.

In 2013, a ASTRA Banks inaugurated a new factory in the city of Boituva, in Sao Paulo, where he develops special bank projects.

The unit has high productive technology through Laser Cutting, CNC bending and machining, Welding and Painting.

Astra ABC Comercial Ltda. is aware of its responsibilities with the quality of its products and services.
Thus, ASTRA ABC Comercial Ltda. undertakes to implement a quality management system, with the following objectives:

• Develop activities that produce the continuous improvement of its products and services, meeting the applicable requirements;
• Guarantee the trust and excellence of your products and services;
• Seek to satisfy the needs of its customers;
• Provide an enthusiastic environment, participatory and motivating, promoting the continuous satisfaction of each employee and continuous improvement in their processes.