Training to maintain your fleet's banks.

We at Astra believe that it is essential to share our knowledge and techniques about banks acquired in all these years of history.

O Banco deve ser revisado para que tenha sempre um desempenho satisfatório, whether on the roads, fields or crops. Taking care of him is a matter of security!

Gostamos de capacitar nossos clientes, introducing them to all the assembly techniques, disassembly and overhaul of the banks so that in every corner of our country, we can have someone to represent us!

Nós nos preocupamos para que os profissionais dos caminhões e máquinas encontrem sempre por perto alguém que possa socorrê-los de prontidão e com um serviço excelente.
Count on Astra to train and empower your employees! Contact us and schedule the training for your company.

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